Towards a New Day


0 wild, wild, water

thrashing at

the gates of evening,

Let not thy spirit

pall at thought

of coming night;

A glimmer, far beyond

your distant horizon.

Encompasses the globe;

though not within our reach.


Thine very soul rests

at this solemn gathering,

The night enshrines all

within its vanishing light,

The tide turns,

lest it soon be

danced upon,

wisdom and magic

therein for us,

to teach.


As yet we watch,

0 elements, mighty,


But do we not,

all of us

seek our right, 

In troubled times,

when our very thoughts,

we almost wish begone;


Now while we rest our sight

on this nearly hidden beach.


To reflect unhindered

on thy love. enveloping;

To cherish that which,

even now,

is still beyond our reach.


                               Charles Loft.