A Vision


Sitting atop

This mountain ledge,

From here,

Uplifted thoughts,

My heart to pledge.

Time hurries on,

the wind it roars

My gaze goes down

to the distant shores


Take me not down

though from,

these barren hills

To the land

below that,

the ploughman tills.

That my thoughts

from here,

might reach their peak


Is it

far off thunder

that we hear,

Or yet the noises

that most we fear.

Those flashes that soon

will fill the air

Nowhere to hide

this land's quite bare;

Though the sun

soon returns,

and with it the warmth

We remember

still the storm,


The timeless clouds

stay not, they change.

And thus our lives we rearrange;

The stormy scenes,

The mighty seas,

We heed not

the message of

the selfless breeze.


                      Charles Loft.