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The husband of a woman shot dead is being pursued for rent from her accommodation landlord.  Never mind the loss of life, the landlord just wants his money. Polite people would tell him exactly where to put it. Don’t people have COMPASSION nowadays?

I hope Cheltenham council lose their case against their former lady leader.  I also hope the courts award punitive damages against the council for wasting tax-payers money and time.

Do hope Education Minister puts right spelling mistakes in his own blog. What an eaxampl!!!

Judges, magistrates and lawyers are Britain's most convicted drivers. Think a) they’d know better b) they be fully conversant with motoring law!!!!

Beggars belief !!!!! Chocolate bars and fizzy drinks to be made smaller in Government anti-obesity drive. No doubt manufacturers will charge inflated prices for reduced content.  Ok I’ve come out of the gym, need something to raise blood sugar levels and am very thirsty .......


Thousands of 16-year-old school-leavers with no more than low-grade GCSEs are to be hired to fill in for teachers.  Instead of Dad’s Army, we now have Dunce’s classroom army, low grade, low low pay........

One NHS radiographer was so determined to support his patients and colleagues that he walked 18 miles through snow and blizzards to get there. Hardly a hero, making things difficult for others not so fit and agile. The blatant STUPIDITY of the man in putting his own life seriously at risk, never mind the enormous cost to rescue services had they needed to be called out, AND that they might be more urgently needed elsewhere....

People NEED to feel safe in their own homes, LOCK UP SERIAL BURGLARS.....

WHERE is common sense in 2009? Seems to have gone completely out of the window. Police in Leicestershire ordered not to drink shandy ‘pop’ which is quote |LESS THAN ½ % Proof|.....

Ok if your not born under one of the star signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries and Leo, don’t bother applying for a job with a certain (highly questionable and VERY DUBIOUS) Austrian company.

WHAT AN INSULT to people born under one of the other seven star signs.

If you see traffic cameras made up from three units (two smaller ones each side of the camera, SLOW DOWN and stay under the speed limit. These cameras record AVERAGE speeds over road sections.

Britain’s YOB culture grows by the day. A man could lose an eye after he was attacked by yobs who were throwing eggs at his family's home. He was set upon after he confronted the teenage thugs, who set upon him with a hockey stick.

Trouble is, these sorts of incidents are happening daily almost, across the country.

These unprovoked and terrifying attacks are happening in ‘quiet’ areas, towns and villages, not just in Inner city districts. It all seems part of a breakdown in law and order and respect for other people by young people nowadays. Gangs, Thugs, very very violent individuals.////

School closures from the snow, after the first day are mostly because schools know attendances will be low or very low, and prevent them meeting government set ‘attendance targets’.........


So Jaqui Smith, Home Secretary no less, splashes £116,000 of taxpayers’ money on home costs expenses while actually living at her sister’s home. Words fail on this one. At best it was extremely unwise for her to claim this, notwithstanding whether legally she was so entitled. It again beggars belief that someone at the highest level of government can make such a poor and very dubious decision.

The main trouble is apart from the moral aspect, is that she is now blighted and dogged down by the media. How can she survive in public office, let alone senior government, after such a debacle and public humiliation? Once the media get their teeth into something like this, it simply doesn’t go away. If we can’t trust ANY politicians at a senior level to act sensibly and keep out of any label of ‘corruption’ where does government go from here?

I’m all for keeping the House of Lords to oversee the House of Commons, even with some peers acting for commercial interests. The main trouble is that they aren’t often vigilant enough, and while debating some lesser clauses earlier in a new or amending bill, some more major issues don’t receive attention.

I know it can be very difficult to interpret some bills main thrust, because of legal and particularly political deliberately very obtuse wording. Ministers should have to explain all the full implications of new legislation in very plain English to House of Lords committees.

Primary school receptionist whose five-year-old daughter was scolded by a teacher for talking about God is facing the sack after seeking support from members of her church. Jennie Cain, who works part-time at her daughter Jasmine's school, sent an e-mail to close friends asking them to pray for her child. Jasmine was left in tears after she was reprimanded by a teacher for discussing Heaven and God with a friend. But Mrs Cain's e-mail fell into the hands of the school's headmaster, Gary Read.

The mother-of-two is now being investigated for professional misconduct for allegedly  making claims against the school and staff members.She has been told she may be disciplined and was warned she could face dismissal from Landscore Primary School, in Crediton, Devon.

It is the latest example of a Christian facing a misconduct hearing where they work for practising their faith.Last week, nurse Caroline Petrie was told she could go back to her job in North Somerset after she had been suspended for two months for offering to pray for a patient.

These people in jobs with any kind of authority NEED to bear in mind the rights of the individual to freedom of expression, conscience and religion, also the provisions in regard to right to not be treated degradingly, and freedom from religious discrimination.

Is it any wonder that 400 people queued for 50 temporary jobs at London Zoo? Apparently 3.8 MILLION non UK nationals work in the UK, with 141,000 additional work permits being issued last year. Then the Government accuses the Stats Office of ‘not playing fair’ in releasing these figures (which we are all entitled to know as freedom of information...)


Seems nearly 1.2 million of these non-UK nationals are from the EU, this means 2.6 million are of non EU origin - ouch!  In return just 286,000 UK workers obtained work abroad in the EU and probably not many more worldwide.

These figures are out of a UK workforce of 27.4 million.  That means across the UK nearly 1 in 7 jobs is held by someone from outside of the UK coming here to find work. This figure only includes legal (visa authorized) employees from abroad, NOT illegal immigrants, which no doubt bumps up the figure by at least several hundred thousand!

The figures also of course do not include UK nationals of non-UK origin, eg recent immigrants who have applied for and obtained UK citizenship or who have married UK nationals.

Whilst I have never held racist views as from the Enoch Powell era, two very significant predictions are true. On is the immense scale of jobs going to non-UK persons and the other is the relative non-integration of non-UK communities across Britain.

The ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ has been signed off as ‘low risk’ and could be released. Is there EVER a safe time to release people committed for horrendous crimes, and SHOULD THEY EVER BE RELEASED?

In an argument over supermarket queue-jumping, the woman accused of jumping the queue phoned her boyfriend who on entering the store hit and killed a man he wrongly identified as the ‘accuser’. So someone innocent was killed by the boyfriend of a woman who it was considered had pushed in or tried to get served before her turn..... Violent incidents fuelled by mobile phone use....

Technology-wise, a new wrist watch/video phone is soon to be available!

Photographing members of the police, intelligence services or armed forces could face a lengthy fine or jail term. Rather worrying as supposed counter-terrorism laws are often used spitefully eg against train-spotters in their thousands because the rail services deem train-spotting an ‘undesrable’ activity, though Heaven alone knows why! We all know the risks of photographing near eg a military airfield eg in a dictatorship such as Greece. BUT.

Millions of our OWN CITIZENS gave their live to save Britain being over-run by fascists, but when it comes down to it, PC correct fascists are putting PETTY RULES into place every day, THAT GREATLY INFLUENCE OUR EVERYDAY LIVES.


Now they want PUBS to have to be fitted with CCTV before licences are renewed.  HEAVEN HELP US!!!!  WHAT NEXT?

The cost to US of this surveillance society – estimated at £34 BILLION pounds.....

There comes a time with petty matters that we express JUST OUTRAGE and ask SO WHAT?

Britain has often been blighted by silliness and petty rules, but when our fundamental freedoms are being subject to daily threat it is time for us all to stand up and protect democracy, liberty and our basic freedoms.

Girl barred from Tesco by security guard for carrying a balloon.  Supposedly Heaven Forbid over Health and Safety.

There’s a  'No Kissing' sign - the first of its kind in the country - outside the railway station at Warrington Bank Quay station in Cheshire.....  Ok, there’s no penalties for breaching it, except for rude railway officials asking smooching couples saying their goodbyes to ‘move on’....

A shopkeeper ordered to move some pavement pot plants  told the council employee ‘I don't have the space and I would rather throw them in the sea - and the council with them,' she said.  Hurray for her common sense and BOO to the council for their UTTER STUPIDITY....

When is this rampant lunacy going to stop? What Next????

Perhaps its time to insist on a full-time committee, in Parliament, to investigate and report back on ANY threat to our basic freedoms, that ALSO works over Parliament breaks......

You can be ‘questioned’ by an employer in a manner befitting the Gestapo, in the interest of a Robust and Thorough investigation.  They can claim that ANY complaint against an employee is substantial and requires ‘investigation’.....

Time Britain’s employment laws and employment protection is brought into line with other countries. What an indictment when our own people (UK nationals) are treated in ways that would simply NOT be tolerated anywhere else in the Western World.

Once again we have the nightmare scenario of a mother being separated from her baby (this time newborn) for two weeks. The baby was born with a lump on the head through birth trauma. When this lump swelled, the mother was advised by the midwife to take him to hospital. Familiar story, misdiagnosed by doctors, Social Services called in, baby removed from mother’s care. Mother charged with assault and bailed. Weeks later, mother found innocent .... re-examination shows condition to be part of birth trauma..... How ‘expert’ is medical advice sometimes?

What a nightmare......

Health bosses spent hundreds of pounds to take people around Asda to point out unhealthy food as part of an anti-obesity drive. But despite advertising the scheme and having health staff on hand to offer advice, NO ONE turned up for the nutrition class. Perhaps chubby people mostly LIKE being chubby.  In my book, time the word Fat becomes discriminatory and politically very incorrect and OBESE is relegated to MEDICAL use clinically.

Leave us fattos alone boyo!!!!

When father-of-three Peter Drummond discovered that a drug dealer had sold heroin regularly to a member of his family he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He stormed into drug dealer John Nellies' home and confronted him  -  before flushing the heroin down the toilet.

As one of the most disgraceful acts in this country, the local Sheriff jailed him for two months ‘for breaking the peace’ by barging into Nellies' home and threatening him. As if the drug dealer has acted peacefully in ruining young lives.....

 Retired Dame Stella Rimington, the first female head of MI5, warns the Government is playing into the hands of extremists by eroding our civil liberties.

The extraordinary attack adds to growing concern over how ancient freedoms have been relentlessly undermined by draconian new laws.

Dame Stella said: 'It would be better that the Government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties - precisely one of the objects of terrorism: that we live in fear and under a police state.'

Let’s make one thing very clear. Terrorists want us to live under fear and want a ‘police state’ to subjugate us all, as part of their terrorist ‘power over us’ premise.

Of 180,000 stops and searches under ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation by the police, a few TENs of arrests were made.

Do we want to end up in the same state through government control and government manipulation? Or ... ... does this SUIT the government ... ...  

The actual risk of terrorist action against any one of us is minute, in the extreme on mainland Britain, so why should we have most of our civil liberties removed or under threat?

To the Government  and all Future Governments  LET US LIVE OUR NORMAL DAILY LIVES ... ... ...

We are all as tax-payers to have to bail out schemes for new hospitals, schools and roads, as private funds dry up ... ... ... ...

The annual cost to Britain of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has soared to more than £4.5 billion.

BT’s  profits slump 81 per cent, Oh Dear, still in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of £’s ... ...

Talking about profits, to the oil companies AND the Government, why the HELL is petrol going UP in price while oil prices are going DOWN sharply. Seems VERY SHARP practice indeed. Has there been conniving, collusion and secret scheming between government and the oil companies, since Ms Thatcher’s days with an oil magnate husband? Or do we have such a WEAK GOVERNMENT that they cannot influence pricing of BASIC COMMODITIES?


We have an elderly lady who lashed out at teenage vandals facing over £2000 in legal costs and though given an absolute discharge, now has a criminal record.  She was earlier offered a caution which she refused as she is adamant that she didn’t do anything wrong. The unfortunate message this gives to gangs of teenage thugs is that ‘have a go’ just and honest citizens can be prosecuted while often the thugs are immune. This is very surely wrong. While vigilante action is often penalized,  people acting to uphold the law is another matter. What a waste of CPS and prosecution lawyers time. People who act decently and out of public good -spiritedness should not face indictment for their actions.

Many a teacher has lost their job in the same way, for upholding right, and trying to enforce just and proper order on teenage yobs.

Many employers nowadays are ‘constructing’ dismissals on the basis of ‘everyday  type’ complaints and information obtained informally.  Something along the lines of one or two such complaints verbal warning, another such ‘trivial’ complaint written warning, further such complaint(s) final warning, then eg conduct/ work not substantially improved = dismissal. They use any differences of opinion about work done, or conduct at work or of course any intimations from other workers, perhaps obtained by interviewing them very informally. The point here is that the law is on the side of the employer.  They can claim that they accept complaints or criticisms of work or conduct, however ridiculous, as genuine. They can bring up informal issues. They can set impossible targets, act out of ‘political correctness’ (determined of course by the employer) as what is /isn’t ‘politically correct’.  Provided all correct procedures are followed, and there is no provable employer misconduct, cases won’t even get to a tribunal, even where it is patently clear that the employer has acted deliberately very improperly..... This is surely very WRONG but nothing seems to be done about it.

BT suspend 30 staff for forwarding budgie-jumping, parrot-shooting and hen-gliding Irish jokes to colleagues. Perhaps BT managers thought some of their discontented workers (possibly Irish!!!) might try these for real!!!!

A teenage office worker was hauled into her manager's office and told she was fired after branding her job 'boring' on Facebook. Best (or Worst!) she hadn’t even mentioned the company’s name. Seems her mistake was to invite co-workers to read her comments!

The proposed ‘partial’ Royal Mail sell-off smacks of blatant commercialization by the government. If it makes the country ANY money, sell it off into private ownership quickly.. as at Maggie Thatch’s behest.  The problem here is simply that any such profits offset the costs of say delivering letters eg to the Scottish islands. If they DO sell off part of the Royal Mail, you can be SURE that at some future point, what’s left will PUT UP PRICES to compensate.....

I could have had MORE claims Jaqui Smith, as if we aren’t incensed enough already. Talk about adding fuel to the fire!!!!

Grounding teenage thugs would be great, BUT they can still communicate online or by mobile.  Ground them, sure, but confiscate their mobile phones and ban Internet access as well .......


Muslim protesters with a placard reading “Anglian soldiers go to hell” should have been arrested and their placard confiscated for breach of the peace.  We may be a ‘relatively’ tolerant democracy, but to see such messages on TV, with the Police not taking action was shameful.  I am sure if I had a placard saying “Muslim hardliners go to hell” ,  I’d be arrested in an instant.

What is the matter with the banking sector. Lowest ever Bank of England interest rate, highest ever overdraft rate. No wonder we’re in such a mess.

And the banks have been bailed out to the tune of £22,000 PER each person (men, women and children) in the UK.

The cold snap came within FOUR days of our gas supplies running out. Had they done so, supplies would have been cut in some areas. I.E. some of us came close to being without any home heating or to schools being closed without heating. This is simply not good enough. NEXT TIME  . . . . ?

I was angrier than I’ve been in a long while, finding out that ‘so-called’ cuts in Energy prices are just a total sham. NONE of the cheaper tariffs have been reduced.  Yet the energy companies are paying up to two-thirds LESS now for the energy they supply us with.

Thankfully, the Government is unlikely to insist on a minimum 50p per unit of alcohol which would just be licensed theft.  It would also give rise to huge amounts of smuggled bootleg liquor and possible criminal involvement.

Other countries such as France have much cheaper alcohol available and long opening hours yet have a much more responsible attitude to drinking. Our Police are massively overstretched in dealing with drunken yobs throughout Britain on weekday evenings, into the early hours.

Liberty, freedom and democracy are all concepts that are being massively eroded in our supposedly free society.  CCTV on every street corner, lack of freedom in where we drink, or for smokers where they can smoke.  Automatic number plate recognition systems can track vehicle movements and keep a record of your present and past whereabouts, as well as allowing councils or the police to locate vehicles to confiscate them where parking or speeding fines remain unpaid. Maps and charts of vehicle movements can be made, though they have justify doing so in terms of police intelligence information.  However they have the capability to keep such vehicle movement information in their databases for up to two years. So, without our permission, our vehicle movements for each one of us through CCTV zones is kept on semi-permanent record.

It probably won’t be long before they have face recognition technology, and the consequences of that used with CCTV is REALLY frightening. Take a day of sick and your employer may be informed if you leave the house. OUCH! Never mind who or where anyone associates with.

Then there’s the seven year record of emails and mobile and landline phone call records that they keep on each one of us, regardless of most of us being innocent of any wrongdoing! They can also demand a full record of our web browsing, if they wish.

People who have been caught out not renewing their photo driving licences because of not reading the very small print, and those who have been fined because documents did not arrive might like to know that the Cabinet Office has produced a 50-page booklet entitled 'Excellence and fairness: achieving world class public services’.

It is a classic case of say one thing in Government and do entirely the opposite.  The booklet needs to be titled ‘Incompetence and Gross Unfairness for world CRASS public service’