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Guitars and other musical instruments


My first guitar was the same make/ type that John Lennon started on, a Hofner acoustic with cello type f-shape sounding holes bought when I was 19! But there the similarity ends!


I have a very battered much loved old nylon strung acoustic guitar which was given to me, but which sounds great! I’ve a steel strung acoustic from 1998 and a more recent master class nylon strung classical guitar.  The steel strung acoustic has an electric pick-up. For electric guitars, I had a Strat copy which again was given to me, that sounds pretty good and was played live before it came to me and that I have played live since! Now have an excellent Fender Squire, even better than the Strat copy! I’ve a 20W practice amp, also used for bass guitar with an Encore in Sunburst finish.


I’ve a Yamaha DD55 electronic drum kit that can be set up for auto-accompaniment and is generally a lot of fun to play on. 


I’m also learning keyboard. We have an upright piano, and I’ve a retro Casio make Hohner/ made PSK75 keyboard from the 1990’s, (identical to Casio CT670 except in white) with some cool sounds and pitch bend wheel with some basic sound synthesis. Then there’s a fully featured Casio CTK571, and a Casio CTK691 which has awesome sound synthesis! Both of these have digital displays and large banks of sounds, songs and rhythms.  These both have touch-sensitive keys and great piano sounds!


There are excellent videos for learning keyboard on uTube, and I’ve a set of professional instruction DVDs. These are absolutely brilliant and had me using both hands very quickly!! Learning to read music is more difficult and time consuming though I am practising! For instant fun there’s a small mouth keyboard, great for flute effects!


The electronic drum kit and keyboards can all be rigged up through the amp, and have full Midi capability!