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This is a web site about me, my interests and most of all about the things I have written that I would like to share with you.


               God is Love         my Christian Belief


                My World             has links to different corners of my poems, my interests and some of my likes and dislikes.


                Guides                 is simply optics on the universe, what to buy for best value, and best results! + Extras!


                Music                   lists some of my favourite tracks, artists and all-time favourite guitarists.


                Thoughts            In Times of Trouble . . . .


                 Me!                       Yes me, pics, places, and people in my life




Dedications          This site is dedicated to my Father, 1905 - 1956, and  my Mother, 1921 - 2006 


                                  For giving me roots, For giving me wings !!



                  Enjoy !        You can find some great downloadable free PC games here


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