Time whispers along

like a Summer breeze

Flowing gently

across moor and vale

We can but

follow -

in its trail

And maybe –


its fleeting glimpse.


Time roars along

like an Autumn gale

Forcefully urging,

no chance it releases

Picking up strength

as resistance increases

Linger we may,

escape –

we cannot.


Time thunders along

like a Winter tempest

Rushing fiercely on

by immortal decree

Before its wrath

the mightiest flee

All is carried,

none –

are spared.


Time puffs along

like a Spring gust

Stirring endlessly,

removing strife

Bringing about change

and new life

Which must surely

succeed -

where we failed


Time whispers along

like a Summer breeze

And I follow joyfully,

my heart -



Charles Loft.