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I started writing poems in my early twenties.  I haven’t written poetry in a while now though!


I really like these poems, I do so hope you like some of them too!


I have had two of these published in a compilation, along with a third that I have chosen not to include in my present selection.


These poems are all written by me and are strictly copyright, though I have no objection to their reproduction elsewhere, as long as they have my name Charles W E Loft appended as the author.  For publication in any commercial site or commercial publication, my written permission would very strictly be needed.


I can be contacted at charles@cloft.plus.com.  Please copy the link into your email program!


I intend over time to set all the poems into a similar form that ‘Butterfly’ appears in, together with

Html copiable versions.


I also am going to include in due course many of my father’s poems in a separate section.



A Vision                                                                                                  Springtime


Bathed in Sunlight                                                                                  Sunset


Butterfly                            Butterfly   (Html Version)                              Towards a New Day         


Daybreak                                                                                                 The Tree




My Father