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                                   My Cameras


                     Film Cameras


I started out with a point and shoot Brownie camera with 12 square photos per film. I then bought a Boots camera with a (cool!)

built-in exposure meter but manual settings and still square format. Then a series of basic compact automatic cameras. Next was

an Olympus compact 35mm camera with meter in a circle around the lens and simple auto and some manual options. Much more

recently I was given a Pentax SLR with a moderate zoom lens. The Boots and Olympus cameras gave many faithful years service.

The Pentax is a superb camera but is quite heavy and cumbersome, and arrived shortly before the digital camera scene, so has

been superseded and retired well before it’s time!


                                          Digital Cameras


I first tried digital photography with an early digital camera that didn’t even have an LCD screen  and produced small prints of generally quite poor quality, similar to early/ cheap phone cameras. Needless to say it didn’t get much use as it allowed about 8 shots before the memory was full. I then bought a 3 Mp Olympus super zoom camera, which produced generally very good shots on XD memory cards. A very small Vivitar 3Mp compact was bought for its convenience but used batteries rapidly! The Vivitar LCD screen was also difficult to see in bright sunshine, a problem with no manual viewer. The Olympus was replaced by a 6Mp Panasonic FZ7. It was supplemented by a compact 6Mp Panasonic FX3 camera with excellent features. I now have a 10Mp Panasonic FZ28 (18x zoom lens) ultra zoom with image stabilisation which takes really excellent photos with a very high rate of successs and a 10Mp Fuji F70EXR which is pocket sized and has a 10x zoom lens. Both these cameras have been bought for their excellent picture results.




I mainly photograph people (with their permission!), scenery and trains real size and scale model size!




Started with a Sanyo, now use a Sony handi-cam with Hi 8 recording on standard tapes. Mainly used for family and holidays.